TJB Advertising – Direct Sales and Marketing experts

TJB Advertising is a brand new company flush with new ideas and aspirations. As a direct sales and marketing company, it is our job to know the pulse of the people. Our clients on the other hand are reassured of brand awareness, product advertising and sales in the most efficient way possible.

For students, youngsters and people looking for an inroad into marketing we have the best opportunities to offer. If you have a head for marketing or if you simply want to have a go at it, come to us at Manchester. The best part is that, if you have the drive, TJB has the works to give you equal opportunities to further your marketingcareer.

Here’s what Paul Barrigan, CEO of TJB Advertising has to say…

TJB Advertising progression structure allows us to give the same opportunity to each member of the team. As a business we feel if someone is willing to put hard work and time into our company, we should give something back, so in essence what we do is put their future in their hands, and offer them the opportunity to progress and develop based on effort and results as opposed to the ‘typical’ elements that matter in other day to day businesses.


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